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particle generator

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[edit: particle rings. hot.

love it.]

[[edit 2: source now included. for you, ravuya.]]

[[[edit 3: the RIGHT source now included. [bawling]]]]

[[[[edit 4: updated, see newer post about it]]]]

finally built a particle generator. i'm not sure how i'm going to use it for space fortress yet, i know of a few spots i'm going to need it...

  • smashing into fortress walls

  • projectile explosions

  • fortress core collapses and explosions

nothing special to my particle generator, it only generates single particles or bursts right now. i couldn't figure out how to blend BITMAPs, i know i did it before, but i can't remember how i did. i'm going to want to make particle rings for the core explosions, maybe that'll be next.

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