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Space Fortress update

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got the particle generator in it now. still needs some tweaks...

when you bang into walls, sparks jump off using the normal we're calculating. the harder you hit, the further they fly!

projectiles have trails now, and create bursts when they hit stuff. the chaingun one needs no trails, and the missile might look better with a ring instead.. if you saw how i was doing the projectile code you'd probably strangle me. i'll be able to fix these things when i abstract projectiles..

here i'm showing off the booster projectiles. oh look, our lovely core. let's blow it up.

the core turns red and spits energy out of it for a little bit while it counts down... and then boooooom! blast ring!

when the fortresses are bigger, the ring isn't as convincing.

as always, there's tons left to do. but its a teensy bit more exciting looking now [grin]

[edit: just for the heck of it i thought i'd throw on add-blend and make the particles circles. here's a couple of caps:

slows down the system pretty bad, but thats how she goes without hardware support!]
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Recommended Comments

The ring of death looks much better without blending, though it could use more/bigger particles for the larger levels. Maybe if you had a long rectangular particle which could be oriented hamburger-style in the direction it was travelling, to eliminate the gaps that appear when the particles spread out?

Or even a polygon-based particle system for outward spreading rings. Or some kind of roto-zoomed effect with a high-res (1024x1024) ring explosion texture. lolol ways to further kill performance :D

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