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What is next?

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Well I just painted a viper on the screen as people prob saw on the below screenshot. My groups next goal is to get a heightmap working. The reason we want a heightmap is so we can basically start putting in multiple models. Since we are also getting a battlestaron the screen. We are now at a place were we need to make a decision.

Are we making a space sim or not? I know one of our groupmembers has added some basic Directinput, so with that in mind we have to start figuring out how to get the models moving, but also how we are going to get a space enviroment in. This is the part that will most likely be the most difficult. We have decided to make per level for now either an ini file, or a few hard coded levels in the code itself. I myself think its a beter idea to hardcode it. So that we do not run the risk of getting into an INI hell.

So for now I think it would be best just to get a static scene running, with 1 battlestar (not the galactica ofcourse). And a few vypers. From there we just give them simple instructions to move and see how that goes. Then its just manipulate it ith direct input. I personally am a fan of newtonian physics, but seeing as how crappy some games implemented it, i am probably forcing the computer to assist the player instead of them having to slam left right right left to get stable. I assume we have modern enough technology in that time to get the computer to handle all that compensation ;) you just slam right and get back in the middle kick in the afterburner and you should be fine basically .

I will be posting a battlestar picture soon, right now, I am going to look at the heightmap code :) Thankfully we got vacation now, I am sure the group needs one and also to get their own bearings in order again.
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