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Look what I done!

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I've gone and done it again. . achieved bugger all..
Well I guess my music production skills have improved a bit :)

Anyhow, I've had an idea for a "game" project, it should be quite simple to begin - basically I want to create a "generic online roleplaying environment"

This would involve basically a 3d environment, players, equipment etc, some kind of system to move things around - but no rules, physics, etc. built into the system.

It would be an online app intended for small numbers of users (probably no more than ~10)

one person would host the game, making them the DM/GM

it would include facilities such as random number generators, customisable character stats (ie the GM/DM determines what stats exist, since they arent actually linked to any computation)

the main point that led me to come up with this idea over an entire online game with rules included, is the want to represent certain systems/worlds owned by companies which might not be too keen if any specific rules were incorporated into the program...

by creating a rule-less, non-copyright infringing app, but giving the users the freedom to implement their own system as they play...

A nice chunky disclaimer upon opening would reassure people of the fact this app was for legal purposes only ;)

Anyway, comments? suggestions?

My first goal will be to build an engine where models can be loaded up, and placed/moved around/deleted/etc.

I think I'll build the entire thing as a single player mode before implementing any network stuff..

so. . comments? ideas?
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