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Level editor

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I decided that it was madness to start a new level editor from scratch, so I've just been working on the original Map application to make it a bit more flexible.

I've added in support for multiple map layers now. You specify the number of layers in the scheme file then you have a new Layers window that lists the layers in a ListView.

You have menu options to either show all layers or just the active layer, which you select via the list in the Layers window and any block painting, copying, pasting and deleting only applies to the current layer.

It would be quite nice to have an option to make Delete apply to all layers and also to be able to copy and paste to multiple layers, but I'm not too worried about that at the moment. Need to stay focused on the game really, although I'm on a two week holiday at the moment so have plenty of time.

Udo files need to have a load of binary content before the actual maps and item lists so I need to come up with a system where you can script binary info in the scheme file, possibly with a system whereby you can make some sections of it modifyable from within the editor via a properties sheet.

Or something. Bleh.
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