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Merry F'n Christmas!

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Christmas... the time of year I endulge myself in games ^^

I finally finished Planescape: Torment! Awesome awesome game! Bought it waaay back in 1999. Didn't really play it until christmas 2003 or 2004. Played it every night, untill school started... Then I picked it up again this summer, restarted, and put it down again when school started... but today I finished!!

Now, I have this Baldurs Gate copy on DVD I bought some time ago. First time I played it was in like 1998, borrowed it from a friend. But he wanted it back before I got to finish (that evil bastard! Damn you Jim! Damn you to hell! Ok, not really...). So guess what I'm installing. ;D

Gotta pick up the expansion, and then BG2 after that. Wonder when I'll have time to play my other games on the shelf?

  • System Shock 2. Tried to play it through twice, both time ran out of ammo and "psi" so I couldn't finish even though you're supposed to be able too.

  • MDK. (!) Never finished.

  • Syndicate Wars. Didn't like it much...

  • Final Fantasy VII. Always frooze on 2nd Sephiroth transform. Stupid PC port!

  • HomeWorld. That last level was a b***h!

  • Dungeon Keeper. See above.

  • The longest journey. Maybe I'll pick that up now?..

  • Thief, the dark project. !! Why haven't I played this yet??

Just keep me away from those 3 for 2 specials or I'll end up with even more on my list...

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Happy Wigilia!

man to this day I have a special place in my heart for Planescape:Torment, in my opinion it is still the perfect example of how an RPG should be done.

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