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Merry Christmas!

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You lose. [crying]

Me as my Senior Picture.

WARNING: Do not show to Chicks, Girlfriends, or 'Significant Others'; Spontaneous raising of standards may occur.

Have a nice holiday,


-Mark the incredibly handsome and/or unbelievably good looking artist
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Haha, wow. That's some pretty awesome hair. It's rare that hair that long isn't FUCKING METAL :P You certainly have achieved the artist/musician look O_O

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Original post by Dragon88
hmmm I think that means I'm fucked.

Pretty much.

Actually, I thought it was funnier than anything.

Good times!

(I should have some small stuff tonight and other [boring]news)

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hey you look a lot like my brother when he was your age. Or Kenny G. You need to let me know when you graduation is too so I can come and bring you money.
-your much better looking brother

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