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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone! I come bearing gifts of my own Game Development exploits.

For instance:
"Legendary Hero of Legend" running on a Xbox 360.

Yes, I'm now a member of the XNA Creator's Club, so my next game project will be playable on the Xbox 360.

Also, I now have a wired Xbox 360 controller, meaning I will be able to code controller input into Blocky Man. Tomorrow I'm going to test it to see how SDL_joystick works with the controller. Basically, Blocky Man will allow people who have this controller to use it with the game.

Besides that, it was quite a good day. My brother bought me the 20th Aniversary DVD of the Transformer's movie, quite possibly the greatest war epic ever made. We watched it, and I kid you not, for an incredible two hours, the 80's had returned. But in all seriousness, that movie is hard core.

Anyways, hope you all had a nice Christmas. As for me, I want to get Blocky Man compatible with the 360 controller by the end of my break.
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Controller support? Hell yes. Stompy, I'm glad you think of us.

Wait... "this" controller? I don't have an XBox 360 controller [sad] Make sure it works with other controllers too!

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I'll see what I can I do. I'd imagine that if I can get the input working for one gamepad, that it wouldn't be hard to get it to work for many. Besides the game will only use the Joystick and two buttons, so the input should be generic enough to work with several gamepads.

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Yep indeed very simple in SDL... you literally get everything mapping to something generic... d-pad = 2 axes, analog stick = 2 axes, throttle = 1 axes, button = button... ta-da!

It wouldn't take long to make it mapable either :)

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I think it will be able to work with numerous gamepads.

However, I'm currently having trouble setting up the 360 controller for my PC[grin]

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