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A Marry Christmas!

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I like to dedicate this journal entry to a very special occasion. Last night on Christmas Eve my younger brother proposed to his wonderful girlfriend. I am usually a person of many words but nothing right now can truely express my over joyous feelings for them. I love both of them very much giving a big congratulations and a wish for all the best of luck. I have never seen my brother so happy in all his life and I am sure his fiance feels the same way too. I personally believe they are really the most perfect match for each other. I just hope I can be as fortunate and lucky as them some day. Congratulations!

I was originally going to talk about my possible future book article but the above news was just too important. Not wanting to steal all the steam away from them I will save that for my next entry. Even with that said I would still like to share a little on how my holidays have been.

For many years now I have always donated myself every Christmas season for a good cause. Again this year I spent my time as Santa Claus for the local children with disabilities. This would be at least my 8th year bringing joy and happiness to these wondeful kids. Like I always do I have have included a picture of me all dressed up below. Sadly enough I am unable to post a picture of me with any of the cute little ones but hopefully this one will still give you a good idea. Merry Christmas everyone!

Me as Santa Corman:
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Heh, and you tried to tell me you don't have a big heart. What now Corman!? What now?

Yeah I'm done...

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