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One of the things we want to do to the gamedev codebase sometime in the near future is rewrite the Journal system. It's got some major performance issues, stemming mainly from the fact that each journal is a single gigantic thread. The forum software was never built to deal with large threads (like, more than 2000 posts), but we never used to have them all that often. Now that the journals are here, it's having some serious trouble coping.

We want to port it over to a design whereby each entry is a separate thread, with the entry itself being the first post in the thread and the comments following it. Viewing somebody's journal is then purely a question of selecting all the first posts from all the threads created by that person... I don't know why it wasn't done this way in the first place but I've not yet seen anything that explains it.

I've also taken the opportunity to play around with ASP.NET a little bit, because I think it could be used for providing the RSS feeds. And, aside from having to bludgeon it a bit to be content outputting XML without HTML, it's been a very smooth experience - SqlDataSource sits neatly between the database server and my code, and XmlTextWriter makes generating the RSS itself very easy.
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That's a stupid question -- everyone knows Superpig only wears other people's pants on his head.

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