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I ordered a new computer yesterday from a local computer store..cost about $1,900 all said and done w/tax etc.

They said it would be ready 'late afternoon' today...it's 3:00PM now...that's late afternoon right? Maybe I should call them :-D

Specs -
nVidia GeForce 8800GTS DDR 640MB [Drool...]
Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz duel core, 4MB cache, 64-bit
2GB DDR2 RAM PC2-5300 (667Mhz)
350GB HD 7200RPM
500W power supply.
And a case w/window [so I can see the 8800], 3 fans, thermal gauges, and lights inside.

I wanted to go SLI [with duel 7900s or something for $650], but I couldn't resist doing some DX10 stuff...so I went with the $500 8800GTS, they didn't even have the monster GTX available for purchase, with 768MB of video ram, and a faster GPU.

Btw the reason I'm getting a new computer, my old one fried another X1600...turns out to be a power supply problem...my computer only has a 230W power supply [shame]. I've also been planning on upgrading soon, from my old 2.8GHZ P4, 1GB ram, X1600, 70GB HD. This was just a good opportunity, instead of buying a new power supply + video card.

More info later :-D

- Dan
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Oh man, that 8800 is going to blow you away. You'll have to tell us how your DX10 experiences go. I'm still saving up my pennies for a dual core processor, my cpu could use a dual core kick! ;o)

Have fun!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I think benchmarks showed that a single 8800 is faster than SLI 7900s, anyway. ^_^

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