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Sound effects

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I've been hunting on the web for some freeware WAV files and found a really good source for some apparently royalty free loops here.

Suffice to say, Udo now has music on the title screen, in-game music that can be specified in the level file and a few basic sound effects. Since these may not be to everybody's tastes, I've also added a Sound On/Off option to the in-game menu.

I've also just added in a lives system since it seemed quite quick and easy and involved shuffling my sprite banks around so better now than later.

I think the idea will be that when you die, you restart the level that you are on but preserve your score. The levels will be grouped and when you complete a group, your progress will be saved so that after you lose all your lives or restart the game, you start again at the same group of levels you had last time.

I'm even tempted to come up with a between-levels select map like Mario had, where you move from point to point and unlock a point when you complete the group of levels it leads to.

This will avoid the need for a complicated mid-level saving system and will be okay as long as the levels are quite short, although if I can think of a good way to have mid-level checkpoints, it would be far better really.

Have to ponder that one.
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I like the sound effects, and the music is a plus too. I'd love to see an overview map with a tiny little Udo on it. Commander Keen had it, almost every Mario game had it and even new (superb) games such as Blue Dragon have it (albeit with a twist). They work, and they're great oldskool fun. As for the in-game lives part, I think you should do something new, innovative. Like each star adds five seconds to your bonus which is actually a stopwatch. When it hits zero, something (bad) happens. Death can be abused for tons of gameplay variations, a "lives counter" being just one of those. Some games these days don't even have a health meter anymore, or it regenerates after a short period of hiding behind cover.

Happy holidays :-)

PS. I have to agree about the spikes being a (nice looking) fence.

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Well, I'm up for being innovative where it works, but I don't really want to put the player under constant time pressure as I think that limits the types of level too much, and I can't really have a health system as the majority of ways Udo dies actually need to kill you instantly for the game to work.

I do reckon I need to get the in-between level map working though as it would be pretty cool.

Thanks as always for the comments.

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What happened to the download link at the top of your journal?

Also, I think the Mario-style between levels idea would be cool.

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