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Oh yes...

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I got my new comp all setup [grin]

All for under $1,900 w/taxes and all. I tried to buy this computer @ Dell, Gateway, Alienware, Falcon northwest, etc. every time it's $3,200+ for various reasons, and Dell doesn't even offer the 8800, as far as I could tell.

I got it from a local Intrex computer store, my only bet for pricing this thing better...would have been to get each part off newegg.com and assemble it myself. That takes time, and I wouldn't have a 3 year warranty. This comp. was assembled, and in my possession in under 30 hours notice. Which is good service [grin]

Specs -

nVidia GeForce 8800GTS DDR 640MB
Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz duel core, 4MB cache, 64-bit
2GB DDR2 RAM PC2-5300 (667Mhz)
350GB HD 7200RPM
500W power supply.
And a case w/window [so I can see the 8800], 3 fans, thermal gauges, and lights inside.

I'm busy installing many SDKs, software, games, tools, etc. etc. this is gonna take forever...

Here are some pics...man I'm so impressed with the GeForce 8800 the thing is huge. It takes up two slots, one is used for the fan...here is a picture...

Some more pics of the comp...

I decided to get a new mouse as well...the Logitech G5 was the obvious choice to compliment my G15 keyboard...this thing is crazy. It has a 'weight cartridge' where you can insert up to 8 different weights into the thing to tweak the weight, it has a dynamic sensitivity adjustment w/LED display, and is the best 'feeling' mouse I've ever come across.

I also got all 6 Game Programming Gems books for X-Mas...these are gonna be some good reading. No more hit-and-miss getting articles off the internet. I now have the full library :-d

Alright I'm gonna put the 8800 through my little tests :-D To gauge how much faster this is than my last comp. I'll report my findings lol.

- Dan
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I am interested to hear your results - I am considering an upgrade myself. The 8800 is very appealing right now, so is the DX10 work that could go with it...

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Newegg: ~$1,200 + Shipping, no sales tax unless you live in CA, TN or NJ.

That 8800 is a beast sitting in that case! I'm anxious to hear how it works out.

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Original post by Jesse Chounard
I find the two random bodybuilding books hidden in with the game programming books to be hilarious. :)

"Bodybuilding Encyclopedia", now that is....hahahahahahahaa.

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lol, yea it's not exactly the most diverse library, just programming books, a lot of WW2 books, and those bodybuilding books [grin].

Dave - was it really that cheap, is that w/motherboard, CD drive, and other little things, or just the 6 things listed? That is pretty damn cheap. I did look up the 8800, the GTX was about $600, but I did see some GTSs for like $400.

I was getting like 300 FPS in counter-strike with full options and, Battlefield 2142 is a little too easy now that it doesn't lag like a mofo. I was also getting like 10,000 FPS in some of the basic DirectX SDK apps. Oblivion also ran like a dream. The card itself came with a copy of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (which uses the source engine, so that ran about as good as CS).

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I am usually not one to gloat but I spot a book on your shelves that contains one of my published articles. [wink]

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