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First Article Underway

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I've started working on my first article for the new website. The article discusses memory pools and frame based memory for console systems and strong control over memory usage. It then covers the creation of an object allocator for classes using memory pools. This leads into a discussion of how to use the placement new operator.

I've just finished up the first pass of the code for the article, complete with doxygen comments. I've got some optimization work to do as it's about three times slower than new (without fragmentation) at the moment and I'd like to speed it up so as to give people something they can actually use, rather than just a toy. Once the code is up to speed (this evening most likely), I'll start writing up the article that discusses all of the pieces listed above. I'll submit it to gamedev.net as either an article or sweet snippet, and get it onto my website as soon as possible. (Immediately, if gamedev doesn't want the article, and whenever they will allow me to cross post it on my personal site, which appears to be 30 days after publication on gamedev.net. I'm not sure if you can post it to your own personal site more quickly?).


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I am continuing to work on this. In fact, my own personal training ground engine is coming along nicely. I am currently tackling issues of how to use multiple threads (and take advantage of upcoming multicore AMD chips, hyperthreading, and the new PS3 and Xbox2 architectures) in a game engine efficiently. I believe I have a very workable model and once it's proven out, I'll probably post a white paper on it.



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