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Space Fortress inspirations

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[edit: nope, can't use youtube embeds. here's the next best thing.]

so i was talking with uhfgood and he suggested that Space Fortress was a bit like Star Castle. (i still have to look into Star Castle some more, yet.) i was reminded of a commodore64 game that i really liked when i was young and took a look around for some pictures to show him. i somehow tripped over a YouTube of gameplay!

for your viewing pleasure, i present someone else's playing of Survivor, one of the major inspirations for Space Fortress:


[edit 2: hey! i found a crappy youtube for star castle too! i guess you could liken space fortress to it, but that's pushing it imo.. lookie!

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Boy, there's a piece of my childhood. Star Castle was a tough game.

Trivia: The game's actually black & white. The color of the walls of the "castle" come from a colored plastic overlay over the monitor.

Anyway, looks like fun. The C64 game reminds me a little of Kobo. http://olofson.net/kobodl/

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