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Ok, so today I had some extra time, so I was surfing the internets. I remembered my instructor at Carnegie-Mellon for some reason and decided to search for him, which brought me to his deviantart account. I remembered his inspired words from many months ago: "Dude, you should really get an account on here man, it's great, man." so I finally decided to get my own account.

I spent most of the day submitting some of my huge backlog of art, and to be honest, I am really goddamn tired of writing descriptions for drawings, so this is going to be a short entry, I just can't type no more.

Here I am!:

Prinz Eugn's DeviantArt Account!

Yeah, if you have an account, hook me up or comment, I have approximately .001% familiarity with the site, so I'm feeling kinda alone out there. Show poor Mark the Artist some love. <3, ok?


Anyway, that big thing I'm always talking about is almost too big for its own good, and I keep getting distracted by small, fun things.
Here is a sampler:

Ignore the stuff in front, it's drawing scraps. This submarine is for a mid-mission briefing that I will explain in detail later. In short: You gots to stop it from nuking the holy bejeezus out of half the world... or else.

Yeah, please at least check out my devianart account, and recommend me some good artists to look at, please.

Thanks, and goodnight!

-Mark the [deviant]Artist
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