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New Year, New Mindset

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During this last year I've had a few computer 'accidents' which have cost my varing amounts of data, which has been a tad annoying to say the least.

Now, recently on gamedev there have been a number of posts about SVN and general backup type things and it got me thinking and finally deciding that it was about time I sorted myself out a decent backup system; not least of all because after tuesday I'm going to be full on final year project mode and frankly, losing that, would be a bit of a kicker to say the least.

So, today I climbed into the loft of the house, grabbed an old computer I had laying around and plugged it into the network. It's only a P2 233Mhz, 192Meg and an 8gig harddrive, however as a starting point it'll do until I can get funds to add some storage to it. Currently I'm remotely installing Gentoo on to it, which isn't really a quick process [grin]

The basic plan is to use it as a SVN machine, so I can store all my projects up there and get them back if/when things blow up on my main machine. I might even see about hooking it up to my NAS drive which I have in the loft (and which I can't use from my main system without a lot of bother as it lacks x64 drivers *sigh*), as such I can use it as practically a routing host for that and allow me to backup general files to it instead of eatting all of the 8gig just on them.

Once that's all setup it's a matter of getting into the habit of using it all, but given what I've lost this year I'll be insane not to.

Of course, this whole plan could result in a slight argument with my dad as I've half-inched the network cable he had attached to another machine up there, but it was off and totally disconnected thus I considered it's stuff fair game [grin]

The one good thing about using Gentoo is, while it's bloody slow to setup on that machine, I can get on with some assignments which are due in tuesday *chuckles* and it's back to them I go now..
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Heya. That's been a real concern for me as well as I've been a victim of HDD damage in the past. Currently I have one of those mini USB external hard-drives for fast backups. Also, I use a gmail account to store my files online so I don't have to worry about theft or fire in my flat. If you google, you'll find there's some plugins for Firefox or IE that let you use gmail just like an attached HDD.

Good luck.

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