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Physics and stuff

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Mike Bossy


So I've been slowly working away at getting ODE integrated into my engine to replace my own lacking physics functionality. Getting it plugged in was fairly painless. Amazingly I didn't have to rip any of my engine apart to make the switch. I guess I did a good job of separating my functionality aftr all. :)

So far I have all the basic functionality integrated into my renderable objects and created a new object to encapsulate a plane since I didn't have anything like that before. I also have basic collision detection working between objects. The next step is getting joints hooked up right and then I should be able to throw a quick sample together of a textured quad bouncing around the screen. After that I'm going to check out the asteroid dodge sample that I have for my engine and see if there's any cool new twists I can add with this more robust physics engine. Maybe have asteroids colliding off each other and spinning away.

All and all so far ODE has been a beaut. Easy to get in and also really straight forward on how to use it. I highly suggest it for anyone looking for a basic physics engine.
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