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Stompy's Revenge update? Tomorrow?

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The analog stick now works in the controller input code on Blocky Man. Now movement can be controlled with the analog stick and the D-Pad. Now hopefully it will work on more than just my controller.

When setting up the game engine, the program now checks for any game controllers attached to the PC. If it finds one, it checks for the following things:

- 1 Analog stick or 1 Hat, 2 Buttons

If the controller meets these requirements, the program will read input from it. If it doesn't, the program won't even bother to get input from the controller. I still have to apply the following fixes to it:

- Search all controllers on the PC for compatibility, rather than just the first one it finds.

- Allow a controller to be used if it only has 1 Analog stick or 1 Hat.

By Hat, I'm referring to D-Pad. On the 360 controller, the D-Pad is represented as a Hat. I'd rather the use of the D-Pad be avoided, as the data used to get input from the D-Pad was obtained from the 360 controller. Although the same is true for the Analog stick, the Analog stick code is more generic.

Anyways, I won't be releasing a demo now for Blocky Man, because I want to complete level 4 before I do that. However, I'm going to update Stompy's Revenge with the controller code and release that tomorrow or the next day. Once I release it, I would appreciate it if people who have a controller, 360 or not, would test it out.

I still have one beta invite for the Great Games Experiment, if anyone wants it. First one to call dibs on it gets it.


An open letter to Square-Enix,

I appreciate that you have made such a great remake of Final Fantasy III, with such nice graphics and quality. However, I would appreciate it if you saw your way to adding save points in your next remake. I realize that there weren't save points in the original, but there weren't 3D graphics in the original either. After all, there's nothing better than trudging your way through a large dungeon, with hundreds of random encounters, only to be sent back to the beginning after getting a beatdown by a boss.

Ok, sorry, I just had to get that off my chest[grin]
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