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Change of plans

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Alright I've stopped working on id.Net, basically it was taking far too long. Don't feel too bad though, it's not like you can't play Doom right now. Anyway I'll be using the current engne I've built off it to make a game of my own. I'm not sure what genre it'll be(probably 3rd person shooter or turn-based RTS) but it'll be in the same style as BloodMasters, Doom levels with the camera tilted to give it an isometric feel. Plus by making my own levels I can format things the way I wish they had been and use the tools I want(such as glPVS) and dump all the retarded ZDoom "features".

The stripped out most of the Doom-related items from the engine. Right now it can only load Hexen format maps and it can't load Doom format images, so I made up a small test level using the PNGs from JDoom. I'll probably be using MD2's for objects(I can't make sprites worth s***).

It's not much I know, but what makes it special is that it's running on Mono with OpenGL.
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Hmm. Tao, you say. I should probably get the binaries from you and get it running on OS X...

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