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The end of an era

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Stephen R


Well today was my last day of holiday. I'm only in school tomorrow for about an hour but it symbolizes the end of the summer for me. Ah well. I just need to make a point about yesterdays post. I hadn't gotten any sleep for about 36hours and had mentally exhausted myself on SourceManager. I was typing on instinct not on any real form of concious thought. Just wanted to get that cleared up.

Anyway - I've been using SourceManager today to keep backups/snapshots of my code. It works really well. I'm quite proud of it. I'd never programmed anything in C# before, I was amazed by how easy it was to pick up. The form design was like the old VB6, and the code was like java - both of which I knew pretty well.

I got two of the easier sub-systems finished today - the timer and the input. I used DirectInput because I know how to use it. It quick and easy to set up but I still dislike it. If it wasn't for the fact that any other system would require me to increase the size of the exe or provide a dll, I'd gladly give it the boot. The timer system was a simple use of the QueryPerformance... functions.

One thing to keep in mind with using an engine like the one in Enginuity - make sure that you release any global or static smart pointers before you do your final garbage collection. Otherwise you can end up with some nasty errors.

That all from me. I now have to go prepare myself for the coming ordeal.
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