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and so rolls around New Year's Eve...

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Ah, 2006.... I think on balence I'll miss you [smile]

But, this is an aside;

I've spent the last few hours playing 'impliment graphs' for my Advanced Programming Techniques module. Despite it not being the most intresting of subjects this assignment has, well been fun.

This has been a pretty rare thing of late for me; don't get me wrong I love programming and problem solving but for maybe the last year or so it's not been as much fun as it has been.

However, today, at the arse end of the year and with only 2 days between me and the deadline I've sat here and enjoyed coding up these graphs in C++. It's been relaxing and refreshing, which is how programming used to be.

Maybe I've turned a corner here? Who knows...

The other thing I did today was sort out my linux box. Turns out I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday when I was working on it and I don't think I configured the kernel correctly when recompiling it... which, given that's the brains of the damned thing it was a slight problem and caused a bit of a panic! when it couldn't mount and read the boot drive *chuckles* opps!

So, I whimped out figuring that a working box was more use than fiddling for hours on a kernel to get it working, and used Gentoo's autokernel stuffs... which took a few hours to compile things (well, it is only a P2 233) however once it was done and configured one reboot later and it worked this time; so I now have my SVN box.

Or, I will have when I get SVN installed.. which is a job for wednesday I think [smile]

Sunday will be working on the write up for my APT module and maybe poking at the other assignment I should be doing a bit (kinda like you poke at a dead thing with a stick, fasinated disgust...) then it's out for the traditional New Year's Eve piss up... however for the first time since I started going out on NYE I WONT be in a pub at some point during the night. Instead I'll be around a mate's getting drunk, climbing in cupboards and maybe even calling people Sally for no good reason... it promises to be a good night [grin]

Monday; recovery, finish off work and out again for another night of drinking [grin]

Next year is also looking very busy already.. and it's not even started yet!

Hope you all have a good New Year's Eve and I'll see you in the Year Bond...
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