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I've been considering dual-booting to Linux again. Casting my eye over my finances have made it pretty damned clear that I can't afford to upgrade my computer in any real way (sure I can get RAM and a 'better' GFX card), but a full upgrade is completely out of the question. Which means that latest games will elude me. Which means Windows Vista is going to be but a pipe dream for me. Which means "why shouldn't I go to Linux again?". The main reason is, I think, that I'll miss Visual Studio and .NET 2.0. Sure, Linux has MonoDevelop and CodeBlocks but they're not supportive of .NET 2.0 (fully) nor are they as damned nice as VS 2005 :(

*Shrug* We'll see.

2007 will see me becoming first a SQL Server 2005 MCTS and then MCITP (I'm studying them now). I'm writing a couple of articles already, GM Script part #3 and the Entity system I use. I'm planning on writing an Intro to GP2X development and also perhaps an article on using SQL Server in a game like-environment (using .NET, XML and SQL Server Express for free-ness); I'm not really sure of the focus for this - perhaps just SQL Server best practice.

Other than that, I'll continue as I have this year and scale back my GDNet presence - I just don't seem to have time anymore...

Coding wise, I'll be working mainly on GameDB and the DD-Entity system I've been messing around with for the past 3 months. The Data-Driven entity system is working well, as is the basic system for the GameDB. I found a good article which uses the visitor and interpreter patterns for processing conditions, so I'll try and use that for the AND/OR/AND NOT/OR NOT conditions in the where clause.

I also have a few modifications planned for GameMonkey Script. I want to add support for fixed decimal numbers to allow it to be better used on the GP2X, I also want to play around with the Gold Parser system and perhaps try and wedge that in there. Of course, gmBind 2 is going to be out real soon now too ;)
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