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A New year & A New Starting Point

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Wow, what a year 06 was as I didnt get even half the crap done I really wanted to. Especially in the areas of graphics programming and 3D art. But all was not lost, I realized I was only trying to force things in my life when I wasnt ready to actually tackle them.

The truth of the matter is that it's very difficult to do "what" you want while you are transistioning. But hey, doesnt hurt to try :) Aside from that, I can now say that things are as stable in my life as they are going to be and that's a good thing.

What an awesome opportunity to start from the top so when you look back this time next year one can really track progress. Fingers crossed as I'm really planning for 2007 to be a break year out for me.

There are so many things I want to catch up on such as (tons of books, online classes I've paid for and much more). So instead of making a list of what I'm going to accomplish, I'm just going to set out and accomplish them. The only expectation of fun is basically to make sure you having it. This year that is exactly what I plan to do just have a fun.

Hope all you Geek & Nerds have a very safe, happy and fun filled new year with minimal bugs :)
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Actual it is pretty good. But with that being said its what you make it though. The instructors are great and the material is sufficient...so far no quams here.

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Original post by a_insomniac
have a very safe, happy and fun filled new year with minimal bugs :)

Oh boy, that'd be the best New Years gift of all! [grin]

And best of luck in your goals for the next year!

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