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Three or four things

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First off, happy new year to all. Today is also my 16th wedding anniversary, so congrats to me for that.

Thanks also for the kudos on Zombie Kitten Attack. From the number of people playing, it appears to be well-received.

Any comments? Too easy? Too difficult? Too just-right?

Maggie's now climbing the walls waiting for school to start again (wednesday). Today she dressed in a ballet outfit and declared that we would be bringing her to ballet class. We tried to explain to her. . .

1. Today is new year's day and any place offering ballet classes is closed.

2. We tried to take you to a ballet class a year ago and you got completely bored with the repetitiveness of it.

3. You are completely uninterested in actual ballet. You just like to wear a leotard and spin around to "Crazy Frog".

4. I ain't gonna sign you up to a hundred bucks worth of anything just because you're bored.

She, of course, is undeterred.

My to-do list for 2007.

  • Finish all of my short-term goals from a couple of days ago. This shouldn't be a problem because all but one are already done. The only one left is the "email me my scores every day" function. And that's gonna be a pain because I have to not only figure out how to run PHP as a cron-job, but I have to generate a FOURTH high score table for each game. Every night, each game currently generates three tables, the very pretty HTML one with award bitmaps and Flash playback-utility for the game page, an RSS version for the individual game, a meta-RSS one for the entire set. Now I'll need to generate a barebones HTML version with all of a single day's scores to be emailed to people.
  • Make four more daily puzzles (suggestions always welcome).
  • Make standalone versions of those daily puzzles, most likely to be merged with the existing six and released as a 12-pack, as my daily puzzle pack sales pale in comparison to Bulldozer, so I'll make it a better deal.
  • Make an online level builder for an enhanced standalone "uber-bulldozer".
  • Hold another level design contest on gamedev with a PS3 or an Xbox or something like that as a prize.
  • Release uber-bulldozer.
  • Do the same thing for "Puzzle Pies" (working title), which is a game similar to that "Kidstation Feuerwehr" game that I wrote a couple of years back.
  • Make a really cheap pack of small arcade games, either ones that I've already written (Olive Wars, Worm Sojurn) or ones based on some from my old game-pack that really deserve an update (Think Tank, Zap Pod, etc).

After that I'll retire. Or at least I'll spend a little more time trying to market this mighty pile of games :)
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Yeah, I really dig the zombie kitties. Level 14 today. If I hadn't screwed up, I think I had enough ammo to go at least a couple more. Really fun. :)

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Unfortunately, getting to level 14 is telling me "too easy". I was hoping for people to get wiped out on level 5 or 6 on a good day, or maybe level 8 on a really good day.

So I think I need to make the game a little harder. Making more and faster cats doesn't necessarily make things harder. In fact, having millions of cats falling all over each other to kill you can make things much easier (as you've found).

So I need to make the game tougher. . .

Decrease the range for cars?

Only one car and one zapper at the beginning?

Instead of one car and one zapper every level, give you only one each level and alternate?

Eliminate houses entirely at some point?

Any thoughts?

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