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Day One

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Well here I am on the first day of the embarking on what I plan on being a very productive year.

Putting one foot forward my plan of action is in motion and that is to refamilarizing myself with all things gamedev related (C++, DataStructures, Math, etc) . Albeit I'm not a stranger to the language, DataStructures or Math. It's just reconditioning my brain to see the relation in regards to gamedevelopment again. Presently, I've spent the last several years professionally developing business solutions with J2EE & Java and I think I'm in for a ride.

With that being said it just made sense to start from the beginning to see how much I remember and go from there. My instincts are telling me to just jump in but I'm going to pace myself and go noob. I figure a lot of it should come back to me, but so much has changed since early 2000 I'm a noob again anyway.

BTW...that whole notion of if you know C++ then you know 90% of Java or vice versus is flawed. JAVA is not C++, the only thing they have in common is that they look alike...that's it, period. Simalar, maybe.

To really be able to attempt to pull off the things I want to do starting the second half this year (3D) requires a mathematical revisit. I started looking over the course syllabus for Game Mathematics at Game Institute (jeez). That is going to be a nightmarish revisit LOL but I'm up for the challenging. I guess I'm going to need some supplemental materials.

Anyway, for the first quarter of the year it's looking like this for me:

1. Finish up C++ Mod I & II over at GI along with some supplemented C++ text books.

2. Work through the Game Mathematics course and other related mathematical supplement material.

3. Start reading through the Data Structures for Game Programmers book that I didnt touch last year.

Aside, from a few text games and possibly some small WIN32 (GDI)game demos. It looks like the first quarter is shaping up to be a not too exciting foundation builder. But if I want to get back to where I need to be then so be it.
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Original post by a_insomniac
It looks like the first quarter is shaping up to be a not too exciting foundation builder. But if I want to get back to where I need to be then so be it.

Always nice to see someone with someone with realistic goals around here. Best of luck with all and welcome (back?) to Journal-Land.

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