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lol editors

Before I had to manually input the link points by hand, basically by manually grabbing them in MS Paint. That was such a shitty method, so I'm going back and re-doing my content creation stuff. To make links on the maps, you just... click on the map to set the x,y position and the size. Pretty nifty. I'm also working on some of the artwork, as shown in the picture. I hope I can find an artist next semester so I don't have to worry about drawing if I continue the project.

There's also a cool wizard for setting what scripts are executed when you click on the link which pops up in a small toolbox window. That was a nightmarish day wrestling with javascript, so the toolbox could interact with the main window (like, for links which move the player to a new map, the toolbox'll show a list of maps to move to, etc context sensitive).

I need to figure out the editors for monsters, items, and encounters, and then I think I'll have an editor for everything I've implemented thus far. At that point, I'll throw in some more content and start working on quests. Hooray!
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