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And Time Keeps on Passin...

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Well, it's the start of another year once again. Looking forward to what it will bring, though if it's anything like last year I suppose I will be quite satisfied.

So yea, I've been sorta MIA these past few days - I decided that I'd end the year with a week of nothing but playing games, relaxing and doing as little of everything as possible. Worked pretty good. I feel refreshed for 2007. I got Forces of Corruption and Flight Simulator X for xmas, though I've been playing FSX more the FoC. I bought the Saitek X52 Flight Control System with some Best Buy gift cards and boy was I all set. Getting FSX to run properly took some time, I had to spend many hours tweaking graphics settings, but I finally nailed a range of settings that gets me decent framerates. Since then I've been going nuts, the new Missions feature is awesome, I love flying the missions and earning rewards. I've also been studying up on the Ground School lessons, and I've earned both my Student and Private Pilot flight certificates, though it took me several tries on the Private Pilot checkride because the instructor's instructions weren't very clear. Going for my instrument rating next. Fells nice to be flying again - haven't flown since FS 2000. A lot of it came back, but I'm still relearning a bunch of stuff.

So yea. Tomorrow's gunna be spent cleaning up my room so I can start being functional again. I still have xmas presents just sitting around everywhere, need to get a rack for all my DVDs, a bin for all these spare computer parts, and find places for the rest of the miscellaneous crap to go :P After that it's back on track. '07's lookin good for Game Institute, if all goes well. That has me pretty psyched. GDnet's still got a few bumps to get over but we're making some good progress on that. Blade Edge? Well maybe there'll be a game this year. I'm done making promises [smile]

That is all for now. Happy New Year everyone.
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Can't wait for the info on GI :)

2007 should be quite an exciting year... I get to move out and start school at DigiPen in August!!! Thus, my journey to the games industry begins.

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Original post by Iced_Eagle
I get to move out and start school at DigiPen in August!!! Thus, my journey to the games industry begins.

Welcome to hell (just kidding...

...a little [grin]).

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