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HAPPY NEW YEAR! *starts the year coding and showing Teh New Project (TM)*

ThumbView 2.0 is part of my Project: Extensions in the Shell (yes, that names rocks, thanks). I was kinda far on MediatorMenu when I got stuck and bored. ThumbView 1.0 recently turned 2 years and 20 000 downloads old so a ThumbView 2.0 felt better, especially with Windows Vista showing up. Funny enough Windows Vista uses another method for thumbnail shell extensions, but luckily supports the COM object used by Windows XP and below so ThumbView2 should work.

So I thought I'd show some progress. :) Check this screenie out!

See something different? Supports for transparency and Unicode filepaths, baby!

I'm designing ThumbView2 around ThumbView 1.0 Lite, i.e. it just "works out of the box". Those wanting plug-in support for new imagetypes can fetch ThumbView 1.0. I'm using Beermap (a friends lib) and ImageMagick to read the images, the later doesn't support Unicode (wide char actually) filepaths! So let's see how that goes...

Still haven't decided how I'm gonna get paid for this though... $5-15 per copy? A free Lite and a paid Professional version? Or adds/donations buttons all over the site? I deserve to get some money to buy games and books! Currently I'm using ads on the website for ThumbView 1.0 and it's working OK. At this rate I should get more than the donations. Btw, the donations for ThumbView 1.0 sucked; about a month of full-time work and I can't even buy 3 Nintendo DS games...
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This is so friggin cool!
I'll download your test images and start working on accaptance tests for beermap with additional compatibility for missing formats! :D

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