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Been Busy of Late

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Just in case anyone was wondering. Probably not but here goes anyway.

I haven't got round to updating the journal because 1) I keep forgetting its here and 2) I have been busy.

I shifted away from Managed DirectX for the moment. I know its something I will have to get back to at some point but there are so many books out there for unmanaged learning that at present it makes sense that I learn things from an unmanaged format and then place what I know in a managed environment at a later date.

Anyways, this meant recycling my project system to start with a simple Unmanaged application. And then building on it.

I currently have 3 top level projects running :
Textures, Terrain and GUI

I've currently been working on a GUI system to basically help me runtime to set some things up in my terrain and texture projects so I haven't forgotten them just trying to get the GUI side working. Also, my brother who is working on a game project with me has asked me too so that he can then use them in his Networking App test projects.

We are trying to build up a good if not solid and morphable engine system so that modules can be plugged into any Engine system as required.

Of course, we are learning as we are progressing so we are getting enjoyment out of every success and frustrated at every pitfall. But we will get there .... at some point.
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