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Ekky Ekky Ekky Ph'tang

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Once again tinkering with my marvelous MS Paint skills, I have come up with a nifty looking logo for my website.

Obviously, it was inspired by circuitboard patterns, and it draws the two initials of Akatimmeah Games (AG) within the pattern. It is a flat two-color pattern (foreground / background), which lends itself easily to changes in the websites look & feel. I may modify it a little more, to include anti-aliased lines, etc, but I believe it looks none too bad at the moment.

Now, the question really is, what the ding diddly dang doodle should I do with this with this willy of a website? I kind of want to keep the site, cause I think it's kinda cool, but I dont have all that much to add to it on a regular basis. Meh, it doesnt really matter, it paid up till next year anyway, so I'll decide then.
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That's part of why I like it. It takes a little observation to figure out, check it out:

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