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It's obvious, I think...

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So today I was struck with a large dose of the obvious regarding adding game controller support to Blocky Man. I've been worrying so much about whether the controller code will work with different type of controllers that I missed an obvious solution. That solution is, have the player set up the controller config to use it.

In order to do this, the player would go to the options screen, and go to "Gamepad set-up". When they are there, the player will be shown different commands in order, and for each one, they input on their controller what should correspond to each action. Once finished, the program saves a text file containing the gamepad configuration, and the player is good to go. If done correctly, the player should be able to use any gamepad to play Blocky Man.

I haven't actually come up with a way to do this yet, but I don't think it will be that hard. Besides, this solution will work alot better than hard coding the controller input and hoping it works with more than just my gamepad.

In unrelated news, I joined the development team for an open-source strategy game called Robotz. You might have seen the help-wanted thread a few days back. The game is being developed in C#, and a demo is available on the website. It may not be the next uber-MMO epic, but it's a fun strategy game. For my part I would like to get some AI opponents implemented.

If you would like to contribute to the project, it is being headed by Tom Knowlton, so you can contact him.

Ofcourse, I'll have to tear myself away from Final Fantasy V Advance to actually work on something[grin]
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