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I got models, actors and materials working again. Next up is to hook up the input system once more and get the camera locked to an actor. I've really retooled a lot of the game (and most of Propane Injector) along the way, so it should be fascinating to merge the modified PI code back in.

Here's a screenshot of me looking at a model in my new 3D realm of pain:
Yes, I know. Not much to look at, but it's there and it's starting to come together again. Expect some nicer screenshots while I try to get system jumping working and input messages firing.

Then you can expect some gorgeous screenshots of my menu editor and front-end when I get started on that -- looking forward to doing another attractive front-end like the one to Glow.

Oh, damn. I need to get shader materials working too.

Propane Injector

I'll probably have to postpone the release of PI 1.0 -- I've just started on the joystick input stuff. Since I obviously need a good gamepad to do this, I've purchased an Xbox360 pad. I wonder why the official Windows driver doesn't report the "Home" button as being another joystick button -- the third party OS X driver sure does.

I also need to retool some of the files (most obviously, moving some of the more illogical code to other files and re-namespacing everything, as well as the new shader/program separation).

One of the big benefits of moving to PI 1.0 is that I've also got some examples in there showing off the new features I've been writing:
  1. New font class,
  2. Joystick demo,
  3. Materials demo,
  4. Quake3 Map Loading/Rendering (TODO)
  5. Smart Pointer demo,
  6. Subdivision demo,
  7. Vector and Matrix math tests,
  8. "Mega Demo" featuring input, stencil outlines, and a few other features I've been fiddling with
I want to write a Mario-style game to use as an example (certainly a good use of the joystick/gamepad support, I bet!) so maybe that'll happen in the next few weeks.
I also want to get around to retooling the Sprite/Texture Manager and the sound managers, as well as clean out some of the old cruft that's been kicking around and is completely worthless.

The Propane map format (PIG) probably won't be released for awhile, since I haven't had a chance to do the functional requirements and then set it in stone. That'll probably be a project for Propane Injector 1.1.

I wonder if perhaps I should just start over from scratch, actually. The "old" 2D PI and the "new" 3D PI don't really share a lot of functionality.

In the meantime, I'm working on a Roadmap page for the official Propane Injector page to show what features I'm currently working on and what needs to be done.
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Yeehaw for the 360 gamepad on OSX - it's by far my all-time favourite game controller (much better than the cheap and nasty PS3 sixaxis thing). That's exactly the setup I use to drive my cow around and I love it.

Looking forward to the sexy new front end =)

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Yeah, I really dig the pad too, except for the d-pad, which kind of stinks compared to the excellent pads back in the 16-bit days (but is much nicer than Sony's always-crappy d-pad).

I hope SDL hurries it up with force feedback support; my driver supports it great under OS X but SDL does not because of the lack of standardized Linux FF drivers. [crying]

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