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Alien Pool Party

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Well adding in transparency to the batching code was a total bitch, but I now have support for water effects(water,slime,lava) and other transparency effects such as "glass" walls and ceilings. Also added in MD2 support.

Doom style lighting and texture animations are next. I might add in Skyboxes, but I'm still not sure what style I want to do the game in.
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Sweeeeeeeet! Reminds me of the water in "Shadow Warrior" (built on Ken Silverman's BUILD engine). Man, out of Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, that was my absolute favourite. You can't beat a game that successfully mixes samuai swords with dual-wielded uzis!

Awesome progress dude. [smile]

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Original post by LachlanL
Awesome progress dude. [smile]


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