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Me: 1 - Bugs: 0

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Screenshot #3

Bug Hunt Success
I've just wasted spent several hours hunting down some ellusive bug that manifested itself last night. Turns out it was due to how I'm storing the keyboard input. In the old Win32 code, I could catch keypresses and put them in a char keys[256] array. The move to GLFW killed that idea; it seems that GLFW likes to use 256 as it's base character, thus resulting in a nice ugly buffer overrun that was hard to track down. I didn't see anything in the docs either, so I'm going to email the author about perhaps adding a little note somewhere. Suffice to say I'll rip out the 'old' key handler and throw in a nice event based system, that'd help for error tracking.

Error Logging
As part of my mission to hunt down the bug above, I added in some fairly heavy duty logging, call stack tracking and exception handling routines - so all is not lost afterall [smile].

I have headache now, but I'm pleased I quashed that little blighter.

Enjoy the latest screenshot, I'm a gonna bed.
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