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Like setting the world record on Ms.Pacman x10!!!

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Mike Bossy


On New years eve I was busy working away on the integration of ODE into my engine. I'm not normally that lame of a guy to be doing something like that on the one of the big party nights of the year but my wife was 35 weeks pregnant so we didn't really have much of a choice. :) Around 1:30am I finally got everything working and had an object flying around the screen, bouncing off walls and rotating madly out of control. It was great. With that goal accomplished I headed off to bed. Around 2am as I was beginning to fall asleep I was startled out of bed by my wife to inform me that things were afoot with the baby and that we should go to the hospital.

Long story short our new son was born around 3pm on January the 1st. A couple of weeks early but safe and sound none the less. I've had a lot of happy and proud moments in my life but this one tops the list. Getting a physics engine working is one level of cool, holding a brand new life in your hands is on a totally different level of cool.

If you don't see any posts from me for a little bit I'm not leaving the gamedev world, I'm just getting into the new groove. Having a new person in my life gives me more motivation to succeed at all of my goals.

Here's the obligatory new baby photo:
Holy crap it's bright out here!
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Congratulations! He even looks a bit like you, or at least your avatar [smile]. All the best for you, your wife and your son.

It's going to make New Years rather special from now on. Especially when your son gets old enough to expect presents at the end of the countdown [wink].

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I guess the baby thing is cool, but ODE in your engine is sweet! :P

J/K HUGE congrats on the baby! :-)

Get him programming ASAP :D :D He could be the next John Carmack ;)

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Congratulations! I have a 9 month old - so I know what you are feeling right now. It only gets better, so get ready for a whole new outlook on life. Now you have a new reason to want to be an independantly financed game developer :)

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Congrats! Sharing the picture was a special kind of cool too. Thanks.

Mine is 12, run for cover!!!

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