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OK it's my second day as a GDNet+ member.

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I guess I should get down to business and stop talking about being a new GDNet+ member, here we go...
I uploaded a demo of my game to my website www.gwimgrafxstudios.com yesterday, and just after uploading I discovered a bug. If you downloaded the game you probably saw the bug which brings out the message, "Sqrt: DOMAIN ERROR", we all know what this means. To cut the story short I discovered the problem was a code change I had done, so I've made the correction and I'm uploading the demo again.
I'm about to start putting together the 10 levels that will make the game. I already have the models done. I wish I had more models of ancient castles and temples to explore but I currently don't have the budget to get a 3D modeller to model for me.
If you are a 3D modeller/artist and you are interested please contact me. We can agree on a percentage of the game sales.
Thats all Folks![cool]
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