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GUI Update

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Well, finished the last of the interface controls. Well, apart from check boxes but may be able to get away with copying the CloseBox class for that and use either CloseBox visual and ScrollBox visual depending on selectability.

The screen components currently look like this:

Next step, figure out what user interaction is needed, set up clickable areas for each control (probably via their sub controls base information).
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Looking very good. Dead fiddly, all this sort of stuff, so I hope I appreciate the work that has gone into the above.

What language/API are you using? I note you said below you'd moved away from managed DX. Is this normal unmanaged DX with normal C++?

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Yep, C++ 2003 totally unmanaged. There's probably some glitches in the code but its a growing project. The code will no doubt get changed later when I find something better or the need arises to add some extra info not available in its current form.

I've tried to code it in a way that the interface can be set up in a totally different file with the app reading in the information. Allowing more flexible formatting to be done.

An example overview of the class tree is as follows:

|___ CDXUIBevelledWindow
| |___ CDXUIButton
| | |___ CDXUIArrowButton
| |___ CDXUIScrollBar
|___ CDXUIStatic

The drawing itself is currently handled separately from these classes CDXGUIWindow which handles all the window operation including trapping mouse information. Based on offsets given when the interface is setup the CDXGUIWindow class knows where each control is within its buffer via the vector vertices and indices it keeps in memory. And each control knows within its structure (once I've coded it in properly) where each important segment is. Such as the arrow buttons on the scrollbars. Have some minor problems so far when the 3D Bevels overlap on 2 different controls so I will probably change the area RECT values to not include the Bevel edges.

I probably won't personally use all of them all the time but at least the options are there. I'm still working through the mouse interactions but so far have it coded up to know when a CDXUIButton is clicked and when the different segments of the ScrollBar are clicked.

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