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Progress has been made

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Well I been on vacation since Dec 17th! And have gotten a lot of work done on the engine. Moved my model code to VBO's from VA and got a nice FPS jump. I cleaned up a lot of old code, fixed numerous bugs, implemented a simple particle engine for now and that uses VBO also, added culling for my models to go along with my terrain culling I was already doing.

Thanks jyk for the help on the culling space mess up!

Fixed a bug that I had with my monitor going to screensave while the game was playing if I let it sit for a few mins. Moved most of the game setup data into a file so you can change various items in the engine without compiling each time you make a change. This also leads to a startup utility which will save the data you want set.

All in all I feel good about the progress and feel like the graphics portion of the game is coming to an end soon, and will be moving onto path finding, AI, Physics, ect...

What is everyones thoughts on using the second core to calculate particle effects? I have never done any multi-threaded programming...
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Firstly, I know next to nothing about multi-threading, but I'm quite an expert about giving opinions [wink] I think sounds like a nice way to get some experience with multi-threading. Particle effects are usually independent of the other stuff that's happening in the game, so you don't have to worry about communication and synchronization between the threads. It's basically the idea behind Havok's FX package, only they're using a GPU.

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Kind of what I was thinking also. Now do I use the process.h file or win32 files for multi-threading?

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