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Last time I was dealing with lighting models I still had access to a university library which meant I could get all the conference proceedings and publications for free.

Now that I don't have that luxury I've just had to cough up $29 to buy two papers (Oren-Nayar and Strauss). Not exactly big money, but I'm a tad annoyed that the quality of the Strauss paper is almost useless [headshake]

As with all papers they have images/photos illustrating results - but these aren't much good when the scan/photocopy makes them entirely black. They oughta sack the monkey that they've got doing paperwork in the basement.
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I can't agree with you more regarding the Strauss paper - the images are next to useless. I can't say I got particularly good results with the algo either, but I didn't try it out for very long and the people at Futuremark seem to do a good job with it :). I'll have to go back and experiment some more.

Looking forward to reading your stuff BTW :).


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I wonder what the original quality of the images was like - they can't of been amazing if they scanned so badly. Then again, the scanning does appear to be a very limited greyscale of 4 or so colours...

Looking forward to reading your stuff BTW
Excellent, that's what I like to here [grin]


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