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The Gamepad saga

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My vacation ended on tuesday, so I missed my deadline for getting the gamepad stuff working. My next goal is to have an options screen, which will allow the player to choose fullscreen or windowed, sound volume, and ofcourse, set up gamepad support.

Geez, I thought I was going to have all of the Blocky Man levels finished by this time, but I guess not. Considering I've mostly been toying around with different libraries like FMOD and SDL_joystick for the past two months, it doesn't suprise me that I haven't actually progressed with the game that much. It's strange that I would spend this much time exploring these libraries when I'm planning on switching to XNA completely after Blocky Man.

Speaking of XNA, I'm currently in the process of designing my penultimate XNA-Platformer epic(completely epic, I assure you). I'm planning on typing up a first draft of the design document this weekend. Then I'll post it, and it will be mocked, and I will improve it several times until I get a final draft. That's what I hope happens, anyway.


I finally got my copy of the Chrono Cross soundtrack in the mail. I had been thinking about getting this soundtrack for quite awhile, and finally decided to order it.

In short, it's great. I can't vouch for the game itself, but I personally think the soundtrack is one of, if not the best, game soundtrack of all time. If you find a copy for sale on the intrawebs, I'd recommend getting it.
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Original post by Stompy9999
Speaking of XNA, I'm currently in the process of designing my penultimate XNA-Platformer epic(completely epic, I assure you).

Penultimate? So you've already planned to do one (and only one) more after this one that you're presently designing?

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I actually was wondering if anyone would mention that I used "penultimate", rather than "ultimate". I realized awhile ago that my ultimate XNA-Platformer epic is out of my reach right now.

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