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As near as I can tell, dotGNU won't actually compile generics (though the assembler/disassembler/runtime have them based on my searches). If I didn't know as much as I do about programming, the fact that the runtime supports something unable to be made by the compiler would likely strike me as amusing... Since I do, I can still be amused, but less so.

Anyways, that's going to make it practically unusable for my needs. Well, not unusable, but I'm not going to trade the relative annoyance of C++ minus working stringstreams and half of boost for C# minus half the CLR and no 2.0 features. [A somewhat long story which is easily summed up by the standard workplace Dilbertisms you already know of]

Back to wrestling with gcc or other black magic to get mono on solaris sparc with limited permissions (or go through the social hassle to have someone with root perms to install some unofficial package in an odd path with dubious business benefit at the request of the new guy).
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