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Cmd Awesome is Big Boss!? DUN DUN DUN!!

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So I'm currently working on the enemy programming for Robot City. I think my first priority should be getting the levels done, and then I should work on the other stuff like an options screen.

I found that I had to redo the Robot Guard behavior. What happened was that I programmed them to chase the player at a high speed. The end result was that if the player jumped, the dumb robot guard would dash right underneath the player, getting itself killed. Now I'm just going to have them shoot when they spot the player, which is what I originally wanted them to do in Stompy's Revenge.


Yesterday I mentioned a XNA platformer I've been designing. I wanted to give some more info about it, because this is going to be a very ambitious game project for me.

For a long time, I've wanted to do a platforming game where the player played as a superhero, with all sorts of superpowers. The player would have many powers at their disposal, such as super speed, super strength, energy blast, and stuff like that. When I say super strength, I mean that the player would be able to actually punch through most walls, as well as pick up enemies and hurl them.

The game would give you all these powers, but not tell you exactly when to use them. One thing I hate is when a game gives you a bunch of cool abilities, just to spoonfeed you situations to use them in. In order to beat this game, the player will have to tactically use all their super powers.

I've had this idea for along time, but always put it on hold because I didn't have a good story, characters, or setting to use it with. But over the past week, the game idea came together with a good plot idea.

The game that inspired the plot was Metal Gear Solid 3. In MGS3, you play as a young Big Boss, who later becomes the villian of Metal Gear. I always thought that was a great idea, going back and doing an origin story not about the hero, but about the bad guy. So I went and got my villian character, Commander Awesome, and created an origins story for him. And not just an origins story, but an epic story.

The game focuses on a young Commander Awesome, back when he was a superhero cadet. When the most vicious Supervillian is freed, a war erupts between the "League of Heroes for Justice" and the "Coalition of Supervillians". In the aftermath, he is one of the few superheroes left, and he must defeat what remains of the "Coalition of Supervillians".

Creating a game like this was the reason I started developing games, and I think I'm ready to tackle such a game. Of course, there are a few things that I want to learn more about before starting the project, for example scripting, but I think I have the experience now to create something like this.

I'll have more info about the design tomorrow, such as how the game will play, and a more detailed overview of the story.
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This sounds pretty cool! I probably shouldn't judge by the very first things I hear, but you always make good games, so I'll trust you. Hopefully I can find some upgrade for this computer so I can actually run XNA.

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Thanks! I'm really excited about the project, but I also have lots of research to do on scripting and on XNA before I can start. Luckily I need to finish Blocky Man, so I have a good project to occupy me in the meantime.

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