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In the last weeks we inserted script system and ingame cinematics(cms).

Script handles triggers and spawn behaviour.

Triggers can start cms de-/activate spawns and other triggers or change bot/teammate behaviour.

Picking up of ammo, medkits and weapons is possible now. Changing them if all slots are full.

A lot of non visible things are changed, like a lot of optimizations, HUD, etc

Improved physics. It is again a bit faster :
Physics a bit tuned

Here is a very early mission1 video :
Mission 1 beginning
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That's a cool video. My main complaints are with the shoot-outs. I think things would be more interesting if both the player and the enemies were a lot less acurate, forcing you to use cover and perhaps use the environment more. Also, why are junked cars exploding? And lastly, this is just a personal complaint, the enemies feel too unresponsive. This is just something that bothers me about certain FPS games. I know it would greatly increase the work you have to do, but I think there should be a "flinching" animation, so shootouts don't devolve into me running up to an enemy and both of us shooting each other in the face until one dies. It would be cool if they grabbed whatever bodypart you shot.

You have definately been working hard though. I've been following this journal for a long time, and your game looks really cool.

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I like a lot of what I saw in the video so if I criticize something do please remember that! The physics are better and don't appear to be played in slow motion anymore. A thing I noticed is that the wooden stuff always breaks at the same point, the middle (although you do always aim at the middle as far as I remember). Is they only break there? I didn't really like the tires burning after being shot at. Never seen that in a game or movie before and I don't think it would happen in reality either. As mentioned by the poster above me, exploding wrecks are weird but maybe that model was just a placeholder to show what happens when something large explodes?
The shoot outs do seem a bit weird. I know it's hard to make them feel good and look good and a lot of games fail at that aspect but I'd like to see you improve a bit in that department. Go play some games like Half Life 2 and have a good look at the backlash and general weapons handling combined with the moving. HL2 isn't a good example for enemy AI so look at games like FEAR or Brothers in Arms for some inspiration.

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Thx for feedback

We discussed this flinching a bit and will try to insert this. Seems to be a cool feature and you are totally right that it would have more tactics then. Bots will not shoot back during these short animations.
I will also reduce accuracy of bots.

You are right if things break they do at predetermined breaking point. We could have put in more of them but thats also a matter of time [smile].
This burning tyre is also just for testing to show attached particles and yes the wreck is a placeholder and in both states the same model.

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