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More progress on that basketball court, I removed a lot of the decals from the center of the court, and I added some graffiti around the outside of the court.

I also made a new building, I was going for a warehouse look. If I can make 1 building each day for the next month I'll be happy [grin].

In addition to messing with this stuff today, I started a major re-write of the entire multiplayer architecture. I don't want to go into detail about all the changes I'm making until I know it will all work.

Here are some screenshots of the 3rd version of the basketball court, and the new building I made today. Also you can see the new palm tree model in these screenshots.

- Dan
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Guest Anonymous Poster


The sunset scene is really coool (reminds me somehow of GTA Vice City)!
Implication: Add bars, strip clubs etc to some part of the city! ;-)

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Original post by dgreen02
I'll design a strip club later tonight [grin].

You'll be doing plenty of research, I'm sure =b

EDIT: Wait, would that be tax deductible?!?!?!

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