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Well, its been kind of an exciting holiday season. I almost died in a car accident. Some dumb old guy was driving on the wrong side of the freeway at 3:30am and i happen to be driving 75mph towards him. Luckily i avoided him by a few feet and almost rolled the car in the grass (fun ride). I hurt my neck a bit but ill be ok. I have a good lawyer :D.

About my game development progress...hmm. I am going to be releasing Plumbing Mania (yes i changed the name AGAIN :D) next week. I need to make 8 more levels and probably tweak them and thats about all there is left. I hope the game will end up on yahoo games, big fish and all the other large portals, but I want to probably setup my website to sell it directly as well.

I have been studying 3D programming as a break from working on plumbing mania before my car accident, but I will be finishing plumbing mania before I go back into that. I am already planning another game, but I have no idea what I want to make. Defiantly something kinda original like my pipe game (its kinda original

some screens of plumbing mania, it will be release VERY soon on my website or probably the major portals.

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Thanks a bunch...I dont really post much comments on other peoples journals but I do read others especially yours. :D

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