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Deadly sheep

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Thought I should post just to prove I'm still here.

I've put moving enemies into Udo now. Just simple left-to-right walkers that either drop off ledges or turn. You can kill them by squashing them a la Mario.

I've just been reusing Udo for the enemy graphic while getting the actual code working, but I've just finished the first of the enemy graphics.

Behold the sheep of doom:

Are you scared? Are you? Are you? Baaa.

[EDIT] Actually just removed the bit that lets you squash the sheep when you land on them. For one thing, it makes it too easy and for another thing I really need to start innovating a bit in this game rather than just writing Super Mario with sub-standard graphics.

I think I need to focus on pickups that give you gradually increasing powers really and I don't think in the most non-powerful state you should be able to destroy the enemies.

Needs thinking through quite carefully really, since whatever I do decide is bound to end up requiring loads more graphics. Although I was wondering about doing some kind of particle-based powerups which would reduce the pixel work involved.

Dunno. Need to ponder it.

Can't believe I'm back to work tomorrow. The last two weeks just went like a shot and I've not really made the progress on the game that I was hoping for. Buying Delta Force: Black Hawk Down didn't help much in this respect, but there you go.
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The Sheep of Doom strikes fear into my heart. Utter FEAR

I wouldn't worry about writing Super Mario with sub-standard graphics. I'm writing super mario with sub-sub-standard graphics, and doing just fine[grin]

However, I do remember an old flash game called "Fat Boy in the Cookie Factory". In the game, you played as a kid who ate cookies and got fatter. If I remember correctly, you could kill the guards only when the kid was at his maximum...uh...fatness. I think it's a good idea to make player's earn the ability to kill the enemies.

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Original post by Stompy9999
I wouldn't worry about writing Super Mario with sub-standard graphics. I'm writing super mario with sub-sub-standard graphics, and doing just fine[grin]

I don't remember Mario ever getting to drive a tank [smile].

I've actually put in the jumping-on-the-sheep bit. The sheep are going to be the most basic sort of enemy so stomping on them works okay.

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True, true. But I still need work on my sprite skills.

Having damage based on how much of a power up the player grabs sounds like a pretty original concept. I would think the hardest part is how to inform the player of how much is needed to beat a certain enemy.

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Loving the sheep of doom. I mean fearing, FEARING!

Using weapons to destroy enemies is not exactly something that would fit a game like Udo (imho). Powerups could work (certain powerups to destroy certain enemies/overcome certain situations). Examples are numerous (and some not at all innovative, but that's ones choice): shields/armors, a jetpack/scuba-suit, etc. For example, you could find an armor with spikes to allow you to kill stronger enemies by squashing them. You could reward the player by temporarily giving him some powerup if he manages to collect a certain amount of stars. You could "lure" enemies into pits, hazards like water or lava or traps. I dunno :-). This is an interesting concept and great for innovation.

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