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Dusted off one of the books off my bookshelf, and read up a little on Inverse Kinematics as a follow up to the idear that I presented in my last post, and thought it would be a good test to try this out in a simplified 2d environment prior to going the whole hog on a fully integrated 3d application.

For reference, the article I read described how to use Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Contstrained IK.

Here's the inital fruits of my 1 hour of work, still have to implement CCD, but the framework is there:

For those of you reading along at home, here is the article reference:

Webber, Jason, "Constrained Inverse Kinematics", Game Programming Gems 3, Charles River Media, Inc., 2002. pp 192 - 199. ISBN:1-58450-233-9
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