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Blocky Man Arch Villian...

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I made some good progress on Blocky Man this weekend, in regards to Level 4.

OMG screenshots!:

Robot Guards shoot when they spot Blocky Man:

MissileBots! Except I haven't actually programmed the missiles yet:

Tomorrow I'm going to redraw the background layers for this level, because I don't like how it looks right now. For a level containing evil homicidal robots it seems a little too...cheerful. Plus I'd imagine a Robot City would have lots of pollution, so the sky shouldn't be clear blue.

Finally, I have come up with who will be the Final Boss of Blocky Man.

The Villian's name is Baron von Ellipse, the military dictator of Round World. He is feared throughout the galaxy as the "Radial Raider"(wow, I'm a genius, I just came up with that[grin]). If you want to picture what he looks like:

1. Take one of the Round enemies from Level 1
2. Triple the size
3. Add one of those German helmets from World War I, the one with the spike on top.
4. Give him a monicle.

And you should have a good idea of what the Baron will look like.

Perhaps after the Baron is defeated, we'll learn that the people of Round World aren't so bad after all, or something warm and fuzzy like that. We'll see.
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