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Prinz Eugn


I have a couple things of interest to tell about, to be followed by an uber-update later.


In a thread a while back, Sunandshadow, one of gamedev's confirmed ladies offered her skills as a characcter designer up for grabs, and she agreed do some character designs for us. The character pictures would be used for cutscenes to make the dialog seem more personal.

She just sent me one for the enemy ace pilot, Meyran, and it's pretty cool, but I think we'll wait for them to be in-game-able to show you guys.

Pixel Art Tutorial

So I got a PM the other day from evolutional, and he wanted me to write a pixel art tutorial for Gamedev. So I am writing a pixel art tutorial for Gamedev. I've already started, so I should have a draft of a walkthrough before too long.

Other than that, I registered at The Great Games Experiment, I am getting better at Battlefield 2, and I start school tomorrow.

Ok, I better get ready for school, I promise a cooler update this week, once I get that tutorial in draft form.

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Ooh! I'm looking forward to reading any tutorial-of-awesomeness that you craft! [grin]

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Can't wait for the demo [smile].

Oh, and whats your nick on BF2?

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing: We have this art project at school(where I am going to draw some concept art like your previous post) and I was wondering if you could give me some tricks of the trade or whatever it's called [grin].

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Sorry guys, I've had school, I may have a semi-off topic entry tonight, with the first parts of that tutorial type-thing.

Yeah, as for pointers, um, hmmm... I dunno, it's hard to explain something like concept art, there aren't really rules. I'd just search deviant art files for stuff you like and try to emulate it, but not straight-up copy it.

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